Friday, May 11, 2012

United Kingdom Beware of Shipping Container Scams

Cheap shipping containers for sale in London and the United Kingdom on Ebay and on this website!!

Sorry, I'm not selling anything. I'm just hoping to catch all the Google traffic from would-be- 'cheap shipping container buyers' and warn them that there appears to be a huge shipping container scam happening in the United Kingdom right now as I write.

There's been a truckload of visitors from the UK (daily!!)coming to read about my old post on shipping container scams:

Usually people read up on particular scams AFTER they've been scammed so I'm hoping that this post can help prevent people from being scammed. This blog gives me a voice and I want this to be something to help people.

United Kingdom residents trying to buy cheap shipping containers - beware! There must be con men or con women doing the rounds over there because the past two weeks have seen a procession of traffic from folks looking up shipping container scams.

Report it to your local police. A similar con artist victimised one of my friends for $2.5k and I'm determined to help ensure that those shipping container con artists scammers are flouted in their attempt over on your British shores.

If you are looking to buy cheap shipping containers, ensure you check up and validate the seller. Call the phone numbers, visit the premises, check that their business registration number matches their name and that those details matches the government database details. Unfortunately I don't know the government agencies in the UK so I can't give you those details.

I have outlined steps to validate a business but unfortunately it's only for validating Australian businesses- however a few of those steps are valid for you too- particularly the bits that helps to investigate the business and it's online identity, read the steps at:

Do not let yourself be scammed.

Do not pay by direct deposit even if they are begging you or using those magical pyschological words that compels action deep within our human pysche (because we are all bargain hunters deep within):

*Hurry or you'll miss out
*It's the last one so hurry or you'll miss out
*I can sell it to you at a discounted special price but you need to deposit the money into my account today
*I don't accept paypal or credit cards, you need to deposit the funds into my account (paypal and credit cards offer buyers protection in most circumstances of dodgy suppliers so to not use them means you've lost the most reliable avenue of protection and chances of getting a refund)
*Pay the entire amount before we can ship it to you or you can pick it up

Yes you scammers- Take that for screwing my friend over. This is where I help prevent potential victims from becoming your victims.

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