Monday, October 17, 2016

Helen Mirren on Financial Independence

Helen Mirren, yes *the* Hollywood actress Helen Mirren, actually was quoted giving financial advice. She learnt how to manage money from her parents: 

"I think, really, the most important thing to me is financial independence. Don't spend your money on handbags, put it into a savings account. I know it's sensible. But if you want a new handbag, go to H&M, don't go online to Net-a-Porter. Don't feel you have to have a Prada handbag. Prada will hate me for saying this, but you know what I mean. When you're young, you can't afford it. If, later on, you can afford it, then great. But just try and get as far as you possibly can to be financially independent. And never imagine that it's all going to be all right because in the end you'll find a man and he'll pay for everything... What I think they(sic: her parents) would have been most proud of is my financial independence. I think the fact that I've earned my own living my whole life. I've bought my own house - it's my house, it's nobody else's house -and I've earned enough money to help my family if they need it. Also the fact that my sister and I are still extremely close. We see each other a lot and we're each other's best friends, I would say, and I think they would be immensely proud of that relationship, which they created."