Thursday, May 24, 2012

Traffic Statistics for SMG

There are two traffic counters on SMG and I'm not the sharpest web programmer out there (it's far from being an expertise of mine). I'm not sure how I've embedded my Stat Counter widget/codes but it's giving me different traffic stats from Google Analytics.

If you believe Google Analytics, SMG has had 52,437 page views so far.

But if you believe Stat Counter, it's 33,728 views. I'm not sure how I've implemented Stat Counter and what stats I chose to track but it may be tracking just the home page

Anyone who is interested in generating revenue from their blogs knows that traffic statistics(amongst Page Rank and Alexa rank) are one of the important yard sticks that influences whether advertisers come knocking or not. For myself, blogging is simply a way for me to aggregate all the loose bits and pieces that I like to muse over. I never thought that I'd be getting any traffic at all because I really fail at promoting this blog.

This year, I kinda confessed to a handful of friends that I had a blog and they were surprised. After my confession, that led to their own disclosures. It turns out, one blogs about fashion and one blogs about food. As for moi, I blog about anything that takes my fancy.

SMG is not a huge blog or anything. If I wanted to push it more, I guess I should network with the other PF bloggers, leave comments and try to manipulate SEO queries like other websites but I'm not really interested in that - it takes too much time which I haven't got and I'm not sure I can write about personal finance 24/7/365.

There are several bloggers out there spamming websites and blogs with their inane comments in order to get some embedded links pointing back to their sites to drive traffic and manipulate SEO. If that didn't make any sense to you, nevermind.

Perhaps I'm fed up with having to delete random, junk comments that add no value to my blog other than people trying to sell their own site and products. Can't blame them for trying I guess. Anyone who has left comments using the comment interface knows that it takes effort to leave a comment, spammer or genuine commenter.

Readers, if you're a blogger, do you get annoyed by the spammers and inane commenters trying to just manipulate SEO? Do you publish their comments or delete them like I do?

And if you're a would-be-could-be-potential spammer, just know that if you're trying to promote something that isn't consistent with this blog, it simply won't be published so don't waste your time and my time. That's all folks. x

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