Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Answer For The Legs Puzzle

It's now almost one week later, so if you attempted the legs puzzle which I posted on 29/06/12 then you'll have either a) worked out the answer or b) tore your hair out in frustration

Without further ado, the maths behind the puzzle:

Puzzle Scenario Recap:

There is a bus with 7 girls inside,
Each girl has 7 bags,
Inside each bag, there are 7 Big cats,
Each Big cat has 7 small cats,
All cats have 4 Legs each!

Question: How many Legs are there inside the bus?


1. Girls legs= 7 girls = 14 legs
2. Big cats legs= 7 girls x 7 bags x 7 big cats x 4 legs per big cat = 1372 legs
3. Small cats legs= 7 girls x 7 bags x 7 big cats x 7 small cats x 4 legs per small cats = 9604 small cats legs

Total legs = 14 (girls) + 1372 (big cats) + 9604 (small cats) = 10,990 legs

Did you get the answer as 10,990 legs in total??? Congratulations if you did =)
If not, then better luck(or maths) next time ;)

Was anyone else thinking that the bus must be reeking with 2,744* kitties inside the dang thing?! lol

(*Note: 2744 = 343 big cats + 2,401 small cats)