Wish List

Quick note that a lot of these are 'wants' and not 'needs' so I'm not in a rush to acquire them or else I would have bought them all today. As time goes by, I'll be picking up a few of them or possibly adding more to the list as a constantly evolving wish list =)

Photography Gear

* Flash for the DSLR $380
* 50mm prime lens $330
* 17mm-55mm $1200
* Wide angle lens- have to read up on this
* New DSLR camera body -have to read up on this
* Tripod

Kitchen Gear
* Nespresso coffee machine with milk creamer $300-$600 
[bought one in June 2012 for $479 and it makes decent coffee at home (discounted from $599)]
* Kitchen electronic cooking scales
* Small food processor and or stick blender
* David Thompson recipe books on Thai food

Gardening Gear

* Big, tall Parlour Palm trees(don't think this one is practically/physically feasible...)

Fashion Gear

* More shoes+handbags+purses+bags+accessories
* More dresses


* Two kayaks


* Die cuts for The Big Shot cutting machine

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