I'm a Sydneysider living in Australia, passionate about a wide range of things such as sunny days, great food, going to the beach, wildlife, skiing and snowboarding, philanthropy, beautiful art, crafts and having fun =) More often than not, I go astray and way off topic by writing about food, holidays, gardening, cats and random things but that's the beauty of life.

I manage my personal finances so that I can look after my future self. I want the freedom to do whatever I want,  wherever I want. If that's what you're seeking, then stay around for the journey.

Some background information that I wrote in my blog post, 'Planning for your retirement in your twenties' about when, what and where I studied and invested in the earlier years.

Debt is good only if it's good debt. Good debt is tax deductible and it's awesome. I don't know why some people hate debt because if you use debt properly, you can magnify your investment returns.

Bad debts are lingering credit card debts, personal loans and pretty much debts that resulted from buying 'stuff' that just clutters up our home or provides no income or return in the form of capital appreciation. The road to freedom is to keep yourself free from those bad debts.

Live in the present but also plan for the future. xx


  1. Hi , Nice to read your comments especially regarding that arsehole up in the most corrupt state in Australia Queensland and also the Governments...James lovell.. Lost a marriage , family and home and still hurting . And the possibility that the so called justice system of Queensland is to allow parole in May 2015.. Yes i wish i did my due diligence, unfortunately my wife at the time was friends with his fiance who was a financial adviser at the time.. Great advise funny how she didn't get burnt

  2. Sorry to hear that you lost a marriage, family and home from being involved with James Lovell. It upsets me too that not only do people who ruin other people's lives and criminals who murder and inflict violence are often granted parole years before their sentences are fully served. The financial adviser was probably hiding behind the forms that you both signed that you both understood the risks and accepted the accompanied risks. They should have their licences revoked and be banned from the industry.