Saturday, May 12, 2012

Glasshouse Tomatoes, Long Melons & Zucchini Plants


Have any of you visited a vegetable or fruit farm before?

Life gets so busy that it gets harder and harder to visit my family on a regular weekly basis. I still try. My last visit found me checking out our neighbours' glasshouse tomatoes. They're so glorious looking and then I think, bugger...these are our competitors!

Our family have grown some beautiful looking long melons so all is not lost...

A Chinese long melon up close and personal, nice and furry:

And don't they look simply beautiful in their boxes, ready to be shipped to the wholesale markets:

The zucchinis in their prime and past their time. There are two varieties that we often grow. The white zucchinis and black zucchinis (of which the black zucchinis are at the end of their lifespan):

And finally, went for an exercise/walk to the back of the farm and the bushes:

The farm is not always so picturesque, especially when there is poor drainage and the crops are still young. This one is our neighbours' snow peas plants. Water has pooled up where the tractor treads have sunk heavily into the soil during rainy days:

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