Sunday, May 20, 2012

Balcony Gardens In Cabramatta

Cabramatta. Chinatown. Vietnamesetown. Khmertown?

Cabramatta has certainly come a very long way from its murky, drug addict past. Previously, visitors at night would see drug addicts passed out on the sidewalks and police patrolling in groups. Now it's just a dining destination and has cleaned up rather well. The real estate prices reflect the change in its demography.

I love Cabra. If it wasn't such a mad house to get parking, I'd visit more frequently. Last time we visited, I saw a few interesting balcony gardens. Strata and by-laws are obviously ignored or nonexistent judging by the milk crates and buckets full of plants oozing onto the common garden area. :

Deteriorating styrofoam boxes mounted onto milk crates aren't exactly a good look.

How about an insane, out of control bouganvillea plant to screen out annoying neighbours and passer-bys on the main road? There really is a balcony hidden behind that illustrious looking bougainvillia! To combat the out-of-control bougainvillia, the second floor neighbours mounted their own attack, huge TV antennas ... :

Empty Neverfail water bottles and a rug thrown onto the balcony:

Oggling balcony gardens aside, this is why I love going to Cabra. The piles of fresh green mangoes and the delicious sugar cane juice:

It's been a while now since I've visited Cabra... Cabra and it's sugar cane juice is calling...

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