Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Time Sucks: Game of Thrones And TV

There are so many addictive reality TV shows on right now. I've just burnt 12 hours watching Game of Thrones(G.o.T) and G.o.T has just barely gotten started (it's adapted from novels).

G.o.T is hugely addictive and better than The Hunger Games due to the witty dwarf character(Tyrion Lannister played by Peter Dinklage) who rocks out the most awesome lines ever. Anyone with a bent for mediaeval type of battles, lancing, beheadings, incest, romance gone wrong, sorcery, backstabbers, beautiful women and good looking men would enjoy G.o.T. There is possibly a bit too much gore and too many sex scenes but it's a no holds barred type of series so they really push the boundaries.

G.o.T > The Hunger Games > Twilight.

Twilight is scraping the bottom of the barrel. The first Twilight movie was acceptable(probably due to Catherine Hardwicke's directorial vision) while the later films in the chronicle are a total yawn fest with wolf boy employing the old strategy of ripping off his shirt to draw in the female audiences. Pattinson's super pasty white face gets pastier as the series plods along. Movies aside, TV is a huge time suck lately.

The Voice Australia chews up about 2-4 hours each week and Australia's Got Talent chews up another 3-4 hours weekly. Now that Masterchef is on...maybe 6 hours a week for Masterchef? That's about 11-14 hours chewed up just watching TV shows. Most of them are on the same time (damn you *shakes fist*) so thank heavens for catch up TV. Or should I be cursing catchup TV instead >.<

With those 11-14 weeknight hours, I could be trying new recipes, baking, reading, learning, studying, blogging, cleaning the house, gardening, exercising, playing sport... yes, 'could be' are the operative words...TV is burning through a lot of my weeknights. To compensate for those TV hours, I've been staying up pretty late and burning the midnight candle. I refuse to watch The Amazing Race and The Apprentice(even though I do love those shows) or else I'd be spending 20-25 hours a week watching TV. OMG.

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