Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eggplant Grilled With Miso Sauce

During cold days... I get some seriously weird cravings happening. Today...I suddenly crave grilled eggplant after seeing ChocolateSuze's eggplant photo. Just recently I wrote about my cabbage love affair which ultimately ended as an accidentally gruelling  one week cabbage diet.

The miso eggplant is from Umi Sushi & Udon in Darling Harbour. But I'm rarely in Darling Harbour on the weekend nowadays so howami gonna get my hands on grilled eggplants that looks like that photo? *sadness*

Just when I thought I'm rather veggo these days, I see a ChocolateSuze deep fried chicken post about a Korean restaurant nearby in Epping. It swiftly brings back memories of my student days and how I went through a deep-fried-chicken-Korean-style stage.

That's what happens when you live within proximity to Korean-ville-Eastwood. You learn to wield Korean BBQ tongs in self defence around the BBQ and get addicted to spicy hot pots and bulgogi.

Back to the fried chicken topic ~ at least Beshico Epping is closer than Darling Harbour. Oh yes Beshico, you will be seeing me around:

There's hope for me yet...in the SMG pantry there is: miso paste, soy, green onions(shallots) and sesame seeds, so the dish can probably be easily recreated at home without having to traverse to Darling Harbour to eat grilled eggplant. Yay!

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