Thursday, May 3, 2012

Googler Maths Question

"dora put $144 into an investment that gave her a 12.5% return on her investment. how much money did dora have after the investment?"
I wonder if that question was somebody's school homework question...

* If you want to calculate what the 12.5% return was:
   [12.5/100 * $144] = $18

* If you want to calculate what the end amount was with $144 invested at 12.5%pa return:
   [1.125*$144] = $162

Oh well, if that was somebody's school homework then I've just answered that question for them...

Edit 04/05/12 : It was definitely somebody's school homework question... Broward County Public School in Miami Florida to be precise... got more googlers from Staten Island in NYC so maybe it was in some sort of national exam or something lol


  1. its a question from the asvab practice test but thank it really help me understand ! (:

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I've been getting lots of visitors from the US(Studio City, Atwater, Ontario, Albany California, Palm Bay Florida etc...) trying to find the answer to that question =)

    1. Oh yea, if you have more maths question, feel free to post and I work them out for you guys lol

    2. dude i praticing the asvab test too and im not that really smart at math thanx 2

  3. Wow... I'm 12 and I did it good only using Google a few times... When I actually do it, it's going to be easy...

  4. I thought the asvab practice test was a pre-army multiple skills test? Wondering why a 12yo would be doing it...