Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Thunderstorms and Geninne's Art Blog

Image Source: Craft/Art Journal from Geninne's Art Blog
 Sunday Thunderstorms

Last night it didn't just 'rain'.

The heavens unleashed thunderstorms cracking across the sky along with torrential rain and lightning. Hard wind meant that the lashing rain instead was lashing into the open side of my parents sheds/barns. Our drains couldn't cope with the heavy rain and it all started flowing into the sheds.

Incase you wonder what the heck I do on rainy Sunday evenings, it definitely ain't snuggling into a warm blankie. It involves a dustpan, heaps of large 9L buckets, a wheelbarrow and me scooping up the water from the concrete floor. We were trying to save the coolroom. The coolroom wasn't built to handle water pouring all around it nor inside it. It was built to keep produce cold and refrigerated.

There I was, 8pm on a Sunday evening, scooping up over 140 litres of dirty brown water from the shed floor. That's farm life for you. Work simply never stops and is neverending. I don't miss it one single bit.

Oh, and don't worry about the gym, I recommend scooping hundreds of litres of water into buckets and wheelbarrows to tip elsewhere on the farm as a great form of exercise and building muscle mass lol

Geninne's Art Blog

While, I'm way off the PF topic, let me introduce to you Geninne's Art Blog. I don't know her and she doesn't know me.

But I <333 her blog.

Some people are SO creative that they make me want to shed tears of joy (or was that envy? hmm). Geninne's blog is exquisitely creative and beautiful in so many ways that I wonder how I've missed stumbling across it all these years.

Everything is so beautiful that it hurts my eyes. From her awesome sketches on birds, nature and blooms to her gorgeous drawings, prints, sewing, painting on rocks, artistic journals and whatnot.

She has the eye. Her photography is also exceptional. I think if you've got the eye, then it doesn't matter what you try your hands at whether it be sewing, cooking, photography or drawing, everything will look gorgeous.

PS: I couldn't help but use a superlative style of writing but I kid you not, she has the eye and if you are remotely into anything beautiful, pretty or artsy, you would check out her blog.

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