Friday, February 3, 2012

PF Blogs I Often Read: Some Blog Loving

My RSS feed reader is bursting at the seams since I have subscribed to so many blogs and websites. Thought I'd list the top five PF blogs that I subscribe to and enjoy reading for various reasons.

If you've got time- have a look at them and you might find yourself either thoroughly entertained or learning something new. A few of the bloggers in the PF hemisphere have got a wicked sense of humour:

1. Punch Debt In the Face - If you like cartoon stick figures with a freakishly funny sense of humour, you'll be entertained by PDITF. I can barely read PDITF in public because it's just totally embarrassing if I laugh out loud in the middle of nowhere.

2. Len Penzo Dot Com- Smart, funny and highly witty

3. PF Stock- The author DC has kindly & generously helped me with my blog's template problems before without expecting anything anything in return. He does a few interesting personal finance polls each year which are interesting reads

4. Fabulously Broke- FB blogs about personal finance along with fashion, styling, travelling and her life as an I.T. freelancer in the male dominated realms of I.T.

5. Financial Samurai- Sam from FS blogs about life and personal finance in San Fran. He writes about snowboarding when it's Winter time and if you're a regular reader of SMG then you'll realise that snowboarding is one of my pet hobbies every Winter. The biggest daddy of them all because he started the whole 'Yakezie' thing that has whipped the PF bloggers around the world into a cult-ish type of frenzy. It involves members commenting and visiting each others blogs to push each other's blogs up the statistic boards with the traffic/visitor counts, the Ad revenue/income. It's quite an admirable feat.

Have you got favourites that haven't been mentioned in this post? There are plenty of US PF bloggers but haven't really encountered any Aussie ones.


  1. Thanks for mentioning PF Stock. I learned something new: I had no idea that my blog was accessible from ( ). It appears to be materially the same except for the ending of the domain name.

    Also I wanted to mention that I have another blog with the domain ( ), which is similar to my original blog. Thanks again for the mention.

  2. You're welcome DC =)
    fyi, I didn't realise it was accessible from the domain either - I got that from my feed reeder. I just tried testing your web address with .uk and .ca and none of them works except for the .au one ...that's so odd~