Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just One of Dem Days

I just love it when I have days that are super productive. It means tasks that may usually take weeks to complete are done in one day. Even the ones that I procrastinate on. I even steam rolled through those tasks that have been on my 'to list' for yonks. You know you've had a productive day when there's a feeling of self satisfaction!
Time to clean up inboxes, back up laptop files and delete duplicates

Had two of those days earlier this week. It meant that I finally cleaned up my email inboxes, filed away emails, replied to almost every email that had sat there unread, backed up my laptop files, tidied up my previous backups and deleted duplicates. I cleared up over 100GB on my laptop. The CPU keeps overheating resulting in the laptop shutting down so maybe that poor laptop is going to laptop heaven soon - wouldn't want to lose my data when and if that day should ever come.

Time to muck around with social apps

I even managaged to do post up over 50 photos to Facebook (which I haven't done for a very long time). It's always blog vs FB vs social mobile apps. In the rush to clean up my FB profile/pages, I accidentally deleted the group I had created 5 years ago and neglected, 'Wealth through investing in property and shares' which had about 30-35 members ...oops!

Time to exercise

And for the first time last night, I went for a 30 minute walk/exercise. Exercise has been highly absent from my recent routine. Occasionally we go cycling but apart from that, not much else. I use to ice skate weekly but that hasn't happened these last 3 years and my skates have started to rust. Walking along the HUGE underground carpark where we live is pretty cool, it's very well lit and aside from the occasional speed hump, it's flat and I can read while exercising - two birds with one stone - just the way I like it!

Time to blog

Oh yes, you are now seeing the results from my productive days - a few blog posts have been written ready to post! SMG is on a roll!

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