Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dropbox iPhone App is Awesome

Sometimes I'm in la la land and fail to keep up with the latest fads. Sometimes I'm way ahead of the crowd with some programs and apps but usually that's only if I keep tabs on the American and Canadian markets. I find most of the trends start in the US and Canadian markets first before moving down under.

I'd love to claim that Aussies are trendsetters but unfortunately we're not. We are always two seasons behind when it comes to fashion and up to one year behind when it comes to product releases.

Anyhoo, Dropbox has been around for some time and is one of the popular apps in the iTunes store. Am I the last one to download that app? It's great to have documents and files on the go, whereever you are, on whatever gadget that you're using, automatically synchronised and updated across all devices (smartphone/laptop/pc/ipad) and accessible anywhere.

Dropbox is a little folder on your phone/pc and all you have to do is drop your files into the folder litterally and if you've got 3G or Wifi, it's immediately accessible on your phone as well. I dumped a whole pile of pdfs into my dropbox so that I could read them on my phone whenever I'm out and about and have a bit of time to kill ~ then I can do catchup reading. I could never cease to be amazed by how far technology has come and will be going.


  1. As such dropbox is a great app but it's not worthable for me as most of the files are readable only unless they have a dropbox tie. So now I am leaving this as it's no more useful for me.

  2. If you're ditching dropbox, what apps are you using as the alternative?

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