Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vietnamese Cooking Class at Sydney Fish Markets

Last Monday our friend A organised a Vietnamese Cooking Class at the Sydney Fish Markets in Pyrmont. Sydney Fish Market is the second largest fresh seafood auction in the world, second only to Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Markets. 

It was a bit odd really. We were the only Asian girls in the room. Our parents originally migrated from Taiwan, Cambodia and Hong Kong with some of us being of mixed Chinese heritage in addition to those nationalities. Our cooking teacher was Caucasian and it felt odd being taught Vietnamese cooking by a non-Vietnamese teacher but that's the way Oz is heading with the multilingual and multicultural society that we've got here.

The Little Ones (we have similar petite heights) were the last to finish! At first we were panicking because it's SO embarrassing to be Asian and also be the slowest at cooking Asian food haha! 

But then it occured to us that we were slowest because we were so busy rinsing the utensils, rinsing the chopping board and all the vegetables prior to using and chopping! All the others had simply taken what they were given and didn't rinse anything (that I saw anyway).

If our parents taught us anything, it's to always rinse and wash everything if possible prior to using and guess that has been drilled into us.

Anyway, we still set a record. We were last to finish up cooking in the kitchen and first to finish eating haha! ;) 

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