Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Sydney Royal Easter Show Sunday Outing

Weekend was hectic. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and for those living in other parts of the world, hope you're enjoying the last day of your weekend. Thought I'd share some pictures of our Easter Show Sunday outing with some friends.

I know Easter is over but the show's operating times coincides with school holidays and school won't resume until next week. Our friend Peanut (*not his real name), got some free tickets for all of us and it was an epic eating fest... food quality at the show was so-so but we literally grazed all day on slurpees, hot dogs, throat burning hottest chilli sauce in the world to sushi, dumplings, free nibblies and drinks.

Unfortunately my camera's battery was flat so I didn't really use it much. Some pics from the day =)

Fluffy Merino sheeps in the sheep shed. This is the wool that the ice breakers we wear for snowboarding is made from:


The looming machine spinning Alpaca wool into scarves

Above: Contents of one of the showbags that I bought- it was super heavy and full of little bits and can tell what we'll be having for dinner over the next few weeks...

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