Monday, April 23, 2012

How Many Ways Can You Eat Cabbage?

Under the Greengrocer's fluorescent light, the cabbages were neatly stacked in orderly rows and looked innocently super fresh, so I bought a decent sized one for about $2.50.

I'm not sure if that was one of the best deals of my life or the worst decision I've made for a while. Usually mum halves her cabbage and gives me half. I haven't visited home for a while so I was craving cabbages somewhat. Yes, I can imagine how weird that sounds. While some folks crave chocolate and donuts, yours truly was busy craving cabbage.

The first stir fried cabbage meal was delicious. The second one just as yummy. The third, fourth and fifth one and so forth not as much ...cabbage was wearing me out. It was like an endless cabbage lifestyle. Jesus turned a loaf of bread and a fish into enough fishes and bread to feed forty (I may have stuffed up that biblical story) but maybe he should have used one cabbage and then he could feed four hundred.

Meat is starting to turn me off a fair bit, especially after seeing the inhumane abbottoirs in Indonesia and also reading about pain that animals go through just so that we could eat them. Anyone who wishes to lose weight should just eat more vegies and fruit- it's that simple. I've been the same weight for over 5 years now without even trying.

That $2.50 cabbage ended up in the following dishes:

* Cabbage stir fried with vegies and vermicelli
* Cabbage stir fried with other vegies
* Cabbage turned into a cabbage salad and a cabbage coleslaw
* Cabbage stir fried again with vegies and eaten with Lap Cheong (a fatty Chinese sausage)

That was enough for 10 meals. Dinner for two on with cabbage on the menu was less than $2 for the night. If I could love cabbage to that extent, I guess the dinner budget could be $730 for two people for the year but then we'd be dying from malnutrition.

You're probably thinking, 'You could've thrown the cabbage out...' but I've never been the type to chuck something simply because I was 'fed up' with eating it.

On the bright side, cabbage is loaded with nutrients according to
"Cabbage is considered highly anti-inflamatory, rich in vitamin C, dietary fibre, calcium, iron, and potassium.  Medical researchers are finding that vegetables in the cabbage family (broccoli, kale, cauliflower and brussel sprouts) contain compounds which assist in preventing several types of cancer"
Readers: How many ways can you cook cabbage?

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  1. i stirfry, boil, steam, bake, raw but i eat it all the time due to the value its my main green veggie saves me a fortune

    1. yep agree with you re the savings! the $2.50 cabbage was enough for 10 vegetarian meals. 25c per meal if we're talking just cabbage.

      i wrote $1 per meal b/c we sautee garlic, onions, oyster sauce etc so with the extras, it's more like $1 per dinner per person.

      can you eat cabbage week in week out though? i've never tried baking cabbage before~ going to have to give that a go ^.^