Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The glory of public transport in Sydney

I've been catching the train to work recently. Although rainy days like today really brings out that evil voice inside my head that says challengingly, 'It's cold, wet and miserable, you should really hop into the car and drive...muhahaha...'

That same voice inside my head has also been telling me that I really want to buy one of those very fatty, "double down" KFC burgers that has made headline news and causing me to salivate @_~ be still my fatty heart!

By using public transport, I've managed to passively achieve a few of my 2011 goals. The public transport system in Metro Sydney is really shocking. Trains are almost always late, delayed, changed platform last minute, dirty, 10-30 minutes wait for connecting trains .... that's how CityRail got its moniker "ShittyRail".

What are the benefits of using public transport?

* Saving money > this is a personal finance blog so I have to include this one. Driving the car causes wear, tear, depreciation, increased servicing costs and the petrol bill is starting to look horrendous these days. The joys of owning a car...

* Getting exercise > Walking to the station and walking to work. 40 minutes daily and it involves conquering hills, stairs and running for the train.

* Getting more reading done > All those articles, books and text piling up for me to read. Instead of being stuck in traffic with crazy drivers, I can read at least a hundred pages on a single day.

* Time to reflect on matters > Instead of rushing through life, time passes excruciatingly(painfully) slowly whilst waiting for the trains.

More environmentally friendly > Tree hugger, closet greenie, whatever...

Do you use public transport? In what ways have you changed your life in order to be more environmentally friendly?

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