Saturday, April 2, 2011

Update on progress bars and income

Interest income

My interest income is growing quite nicely. In March, there was a bit of a stumble in the trend. There have been so many bills to pay that no doubt, there won't be a growth in savings for some time and thus, no growth in interest income. Boo.

Dividend income

All the stocks in my share portfolio pay dividends. Interim and final dividend, which means twice a year. The stocks that I'm holding (WOW, NAB, BPT, IPL) haven't increased their dividends but then again, the trading environment (domestically and globally) has been challenging. 

There are a few industries that I would NEVER contemplate buying into: Airlines, clothing or white goods retailers, agricultural stocks(wheat, wool, grains, rice, sugar etc), aquacultural stocks, viticultural stocks, construction/building stocks. Stocks that are subjected to the vagaries of the discretionary consumer spending, weather and or government regulations.

Rental income

This source is semi-passive income. I'm on the committee as treasurer and there's always something to follow up on, quotes to flick through, questions to be answered and meetings to attend. This income source is relatively stable.

Update on progress bars

Progress back in January compared to 01/04/11:

1) (good) Fundraising was @ 48%, now 62% of goal raised
2) (stable) HECS/HELP student loans @ 57% paid off, unchanged
3) (stable) Savings for the Euro trip @ 0% saved, unchanged
4) (good) IP deposit @ 29%, now 35% saved
Summary for March:

1) (good) Savings account were up since my January recap
2) (good) Interest and dividend incomes(not so much dividends) are growing
3) (bad)   Market value of stock portfolio took a slight hit due to the crisis in    
4) (good) Superannuation retirement fund is up, from contributions rather 
              than from fund performance. Don't plan to make a lot of extra   
              contributions until I can operate my own SMSF (Self Managed Super 
5) (bad)  Expenses up due to both lifestyle and bills
6) (good) Investment loan liability balance is down since the last reckoning
7) (stable)HECS student debt. I'm planning to make a lump sum
               payment in May before the balance is indexed to inflation on 
8) (good) Net wealth overall is up.

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