Monday, September 28, 2015

Troubleshooting Ezytouch: How To Change SMTP Email Setup Using Different ISPs

It's been frustrating to see the lack of free, online troubleshooting support for the POS Ezytouch program that I have been working on. I've decided to write some support posts. 

WARNING: I am not in technology. Mr SMG is the technology expert. I provide user feedback to help others using Ezytouch software.

If you are using Ezytouch and find that you have problems with emailing invoices and statements from the software when you are using a different ISP then this post is for you. The software is extremely customised and every single software is different and unique after their custom programming. Some features however overlaps and this is what I hope to resolve if you are encountering the same issues.

Problem 1: Ezytouch software emailing problem resulting in sent mails labelled as spam or malicious mail 

If you use an email such as and wish to email a customer with an domain, then the recipient email server tends to label the incoming email as spam. Lack of a user interface that allows the user to specify the email server and the credentials result in this problem. Because the sender's domain (eg: does not belong to the sending mail server (eg:

Problem 2:
Ezytouch software is unable to send software using different ISPs unless you change the codes in the SMTP mail configuration.

If you are using Ezytouch from different locations and therefore different ISPs(they provide portable solid state servers), then you will encounter the inability to email invoices and statements from the different locations unless you change the mail configuration.

How to change the mail configuration:

1. Note that Vodafone ISP doesn't have an SMTP password
2. Note that the SMTP password for TPG is 'password'
3. Contact your ISP if you cannot find the information available on the internet
4. If this doesn't help, you will need to call the technical support guys at Ezytouch

Problem 3:
Emails successfully sent when they have not been sent. 

The program lacks the ability to distinguish between emails that have failed to send and emails that have been actually successfully sent. If your mail setup in the config folder is perfect, you will not get any reject nor error messages. Every email will indicate that it has been sent. You will need to setup all emails to be cc'd to yourself so that you can check off which ones have been actually sent.

See the image above. You can insert the programming into the above section as '' OR you can open up the customer/supplier file, in the section where you input the customer/supplier email, you add your email after a semi colon with no spaces or otherwise your multiple emails will not work due to the programming. For example,;

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