Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Is It Worth Outsourcing Home Maintenance?

There have been many days where I have deliberated over whether to hire a house cleaner or a gardener for our garden. Time is valuable right?

A regularly weekly cleaner would cost $100 to $150 per week. A regular gardener would cost $100-$150 per month. A four week month would optimistically cost $500 extra and pessimistically $750 extra on the higher range of fees.

In the end, we've always decided to veto that option and do everything ourselves in our 'spare' time. $500 per month could be better spent elsewhere was our conclusion. What ended up happening was that we have been so busy working and spending our spare time with family and friends that the 'spare' time was never allocated to gardening. We clean the house as a priority but the garden was neglected.

Sure it has been mowed regularly and looks great when freshly mowed and the edges trimmed but after a few weeks, the weeds have popped up in the lawn and we can see how disastrous our lawn is.
Onion weeds are growing prolifically in the garden bed (previous owner didn't lay weed mats underneath the mulch) and the bindi and clover is smothering our lawn. Can't even call that a lawn! Those three set of weeds are collectively the worse to have. The onion weeds grow from a bulb which splits off into piles of little bulbs. the bindi and clovers have adventitious roots that will just spread like pumpkin plants. Wherever the vines touch soil, a root will set.

When we first moved into the house, I wrote a post about big houses and the endless hours of cleaning and gardening. Two years later, nothing has changed haha. I would love to turn the entire weedy lawn into an edible garden, however Mr SMG is into the sculptured garden look (when it has been mowed and the weeds pulled out).

Lately I've had enough so I have spent about 30 minutes on daily gardening! After work, 15 mins. Before sunset, another 15 to 30 minutes. 3.5 hours to 4 hours gardening weekly. Could my time be better spent? Yes but it has its upsides =) Been outside in the warm Spring air and doing a bit of physical activity is relaxing.

Think I'd rather take that $500-$750 per month and spend it elsewhere. And work on convincing Mr SMG to let me convert all our lawn into an edible garden...

Loving our garden in Spring:

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