Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SmartMoneyGuide Traffic and SEO

It's been a long time since I have posted regularly and I apologise for that. Google Analytics show that last month page views as you can see is at 7,091 with visitors looking at a few pages instead of 'bouncing' off after landing. I see visitors returning for repeat visits, so thank you for appreciating my writing and my thoughts.

That is positive feedback and why this blog is still on my mind after these two years of barely posting. 

All time page views is at 555,679. Over half a million visits and views. I guess it's not that much compared to a large site where the bloggers are actively working on growing traffic. But compared to the days when I first started and got excited when I got 10 unique visitors lol. And then 500 visitors lol. And they weren't family and friends back then because I never let any of them know that I had a blog! It was a little hobby of mine.

I have approximately 265 posts so 555,679 views on only 265 posts. Imagine the traffic if I had 2000 posts. If you blog and wish to grow your site, the more posts you write, the more visits, the less potential bounce and the more repeat visits. It's a positive cycle. I dont' really think about traffic when I blog though. It's more about exploring my ideas, my creativity and my interest in personal finance and how it can help us obtain that illusive financial freedom at a younger age, than waiting to retire at 65 years old.

Much has been happening in my life and investment wise. I hope to take readers through some of the exciting changes and investments that I have made recently and plan to make. If readers had taken action on my thoughts and posts from two years ago when I wrote about property, they would have been millionaires too. 

Forecasts and expectations have been realised and I'm happy to say that I haven't dished out bad advice ...yet lol. 

SEO wise, the more I write, the more visitors and the more networking, the more visitors. But organic growth on this site is pretty good and even though I rarely posted these last two years, Google has been favourable with directing traffic to this site. Thanks Google!

But Google will keep sending traffic if the post is relevant, informative or of use to someone. So I'm glad that readers have found interest and this site of use. I hope to write more often. I know I always say that but I will =) 

Here's to the last of 2015 with a bit more bang.

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