Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Open Letter to Fuji Xerox: Thank You For Your Amazing Response!

It's notoriously known that people like to give negative feedback and whinge on the internet. Positive feedback is a lot rarer. So I consciously like to give positive feedback and reviews on good service from businesses and from staff. 

Fuji Xerox and your support team for warranty. You have outdone yourselves.

If I buy another printer in future, it will be one from your company.

I bought a Fuji Xerox multi function printer two years ago and it started printing pages in magenta.

Despite our best efforts in troubleshooting the issue(trying new toners, re-installing software and drivers, rebooting and unplugging and re-plugging, trying to print with different laptops, trying to print from different applications etc), the printer was still printing pages heavily magenta in colour.

The printer was out of warranty, however after multiple attempts at troubleshooting from Mr Talented SMG, the problem remained and it was a write off. I was very happy that Fuji Xerox acknowledged that we had a unique issue that it was no fault of ours.

They sent me a brand new replacement printer that is even more awesome than the outgoing one that I had. Scans pages in seconds! Faxes pages in seconds. Being laser, the printed pages roll out as if they were participating in a downhill snowboarding race =)

So this is my open letter of thanks to you, Fuji Xerox. Because I know all companies keep track of what is being said about them online. And I want you to know what a pleasure it has been dealing with your support team and the outcome of our printer issues.

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