Monday, October 28, 2013

Traffic Statistics For SMG and SEO Manipulation

Traffic to this site has been growing exponentially in 2013 even though I haven't really posted much this year. Over 200,000 visits this year bringing the total visit to 311,360 according to Google Analytics:

If you're a regular reader, thank you for checking in and reading. It's nice to know that several visitors to this blog are reading several pages instead of reading just one page and exiting.

Life grows in complexity as we get older. Work wise, friendship wise, relationship wise and finance wise.

If reading about advertisers and SEO floats your boat, you can visit my previous posts, 'Gaining Traction In The PF Blog Market', 'Traffic Stats: Over 100,000 visits to SMG' and 'Traffic Statistics For SMG'.

I still haven't really actively worked on the SEO of this blog. There's simply too much work to do elsewhere and this blog was unfortunately placed on the back burner. But I'm back and better than ever lol. 

If you blog and wish to grow the traffic to your blog, writing unique content helps. Writing useful, unique content is even better because you will get repeat visits and multiple page views instead of getting one page visitor bounce.

Commenting on other blogs operating in the same niche or industry helps not to mention getting them to link back to your blog.

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