Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Firefighters Are Doing An Awesome Job

Of all the worthy amazing occupations to be in, being a firefighter is up there.

With so many fires burning around Sydney, our local firefighters are heroes.

I recall a hot, humid Christmas many years ago. Bush fires were burning all around Sydney and one particular bush and grass fire came racing up the neighbouring farms. If it wasn't for our local fire fighters, we'd have lost our house and all our fruit trees.

Bravely they battled the flames in the searing summer sun, even when exhausted, they continued well into the night and doused the grass and bush fires that surrounded us.

There's nothing more terrifying than facing a wall of flame that is moving so quickly that you fear for your life and your house. It's you with your tiny hose and weak trickle of water against the wall of flame.

Until the fire fighters came to the rescue with their trucks, their professionalism, their experience and their hard work.

I will never forget that day and we are forever thankful and grateful to our fire fighters.

I am thinking of the families who have lost so much to the bush fires in these hard times. I am thinking that our fire fighters are amongst our modern day heroes. I am hoping that it will rain hard and douse the flames.

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