Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gaining Traction In The Australian PF Blog Market

Due to blog traffic increasing, this has resulted in SMG gaining traction in the personal finance market in Australia. What has been happening?

I've had a few proposals from companies wanting to offer affiliate products and offering to pay commissions via affiliate product sales (so far I'm not interested). Companies wanting to pay me to publish their articles and companies wanting my blog to give them links out using particular anchor text.

I also get plenty of requests wanting free plugs, guest posting etc but so far that doesn't really interest me either.

The latest queries wishing to form some type of relationship has been from Australian based marketing firms on behalf of their clients. I don't know whether I should take the leap and venture deeper into paid territory because that may possibly influence me into publishing something that I may not morally agree with nor believe will be beneficial for readers.

Never thought I'd reach a blogging point where there would be sufficient visits to this blog to garner interest from marketing firms. It's been very interesting...

If I had started a food blog then I would have happily leaped into offers to dine and sample new cuisines without a single thought lol ...but because I write primarily about personal finance and money, I have to be more diligent and careful that I don't mislead you by promoting financial products and or sites that are detrimental to your finances.

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