Friday, November 30, 2012

IQ Test Puzzles

In London, there was an awesome Science Museum which sold plenty of puzzles and brain boggling puzzles. I bought an IQ Test from Dynamo House to try because I like those puzzles and think they're fun. They require our minds to think logically but not in a direct line.

If you enjoyed the Legs Puzzle that I posted up a few months ago, you may like to try some of these IQ test puzzles:

Puzzle 1: Mary had a number of cookies. After eating one, she gave half the remainder to her sister. After eating another cookie, she gave half of what was left to her brother. Mary now had only five cookies left. How many cookies did she start with?

11-22-23-45-46 ?

Puzzle 2: A spaceship received three messages in a strange language from a distant planet. The astronauts studied these messages and found that "Elros Aldarion Elendil" means "Danger Rocket Explosion" and "Edain Mnyatur Elros" means "Danger Spaceship Fire" and "Aldarion Gimilzor Gondor" means "Bad Gas Explosion". What does "Elendil" mean?


Puzzle 3: John, twelve years old, is three times as old as his brother. How old will John be when he is twice as old as his brother?


Puzzle 4: The price of an article was cut 20% for a sale. By what percent must the item be increased again to sell the article at the original price?


Enjoy and I'll post up the answers in a few days (or weeks) time =)


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