Monday, October 24, 2011

"You should buy more clothes"

Recently I was gently told by my mum and G's mum to buy more clothes. Whoa right?! I'm not exactly poorly dressed, just casually dressed and you can tell that fashion isn't something that I'm obsessed with. I do have favourite gorgeous dresses that I wear again and again. That was probably the issue at the heart of the comments.

They were telling me that while I'm young, I should go out shopping more and buy loads of pretty clothes and dresses so that I can enjoy them all while I'm young. They said that when I'm older, I'll regret it if I didn't doll myself up to the nines frequently in heaps of super trendy clothing. Isn't that ironic. I thought mothers generally despair at their kids' lack of financial acumen and how spendthrift they are!

My mum even gives me shopping allowances(infrequently mind you-not every week) to encourage me to go out and spend more on clothes, outfits and accessories. Denial doesn't work because she just hides the money in my bag, inbetween my books, in random clothing pockets of mine. I'll just discover the money randomly when I pull certain things out to use. That probably sounds like a dream come true for many females but it's not my dream come true and exerts a subtle pressure. I'd prefer that she saves the money for her own retirement and I want her to travel the world and live luxuriously in her retirement. I just know that she wants me to be dressed to the nines every single day because she's much more glamourous than I am and way dressier whereas I'm not as fashion conscious.

How am I going to know what I'll regret when I'm older until I'm older?! They were right to some extent - I hadn't really been shopping for a while and I have re-worn the same items for a few months and some items for over a decade. I don't even find it embarrasssing since I try to buy good quality fabric and timeless designs.

With the recent onslaught of weddings these past three years, it was reasonable to expect me to go shopping for something different so I went on Saturday. It felt like I was on a mission. To stock up my wardrobe in a utilitarian manner - must buy dresses and must buy shoes. Shopping is pleasurable when I'm overseas travelling but back at home, there's so much to do every weekend that shopping feels like a duty and not as enjoyable.

What's the damage? I spent about $760 these past two weeks on three pairs of dressy shoes, two beautiful dresses. I bought two dresses for $438 and usually two dresses costs more than $500 so that was a positive surprise. My friend said I could have bought an ipad or upgraded my iphone to the latest one but our priorities aren't the same and I don't care for new gadgets.

The two dresses I bought were from Event and they have an online shop which is pretty awesome for browsing.  Here are pics of the dresses that I bought (pictures are from Event's website and it's not me posing lol). The black and white dress is super elegant, stylish and has an amazing slimming appearance. The second dress is like a sheath and drapes over curves in all the right places:

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