Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Wedding: Opera House Marquee

Opera House Marquee Wedding Reception Venue

I've been to plenty of weddings but it was my first time at the Opera House Marquee. It was absolutely stunning and beautiful. From the decor to the views and the sumptuous fare. The venue was located right on the harbour front, right on the Opera House forecourt. I think it goes down as the best wedding reception location so far in terms of position and views. It's like having a wedding reception on top of the Empire State Building.

I feel sorry for the poor harried staff whose job was to refold the napkins. Everytime we left the table(which was frequently) to go chat with friends or use the photobooth for candid photos, the poor staff had to roll up our napkins. Not just one napkin but around 200 napkins, again and again and again. They probably have napkin folding nightmares when they dream at night.

I've got weddings lined up left right and center. My feet aren't thanking me. They've reacted indignantly to being squished into stilettos by turning red and looking banged up. Why do we torture ourselves like that? I can see the huge relief on other women's faces when the night is over and they can unshackle their feet from their shoes and walk around barefoot or change into ballet flats.

I was seated next to a friend's cousin. Let's call him MA. MA works in the insolvency and bankruptcy business. He specialises in personal insolvency. If you're unsure what personal insolvency work relates to - it involves working with individuals who are indebted up to their eyeballs and can't pay their bills. Eventually they become bankrupt unless some hotshot can get their finances sorted out for them and that's the rare exception.

Usually an insolvent individual only starts reaching out for help when it's far too late. When they've got piles of late payment reminders and bills streaked with red ink. MA tells me that it's pretty much game over when he reviews their list of assets and liabilities and the individual has paid their debts by creating more debts. It was pretty heavy conversation for a wedding bash but it was interesting.

Some happy snaps of The Opera House Marquee:
The flowers are now gracing our dining table. Three tiered pink wedding cake with flowers and the bridal table lined with a resplendant display of roses:

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