Monday, June 27, 2011

Chanel and Burberry: How thee tempst I

Achieve this stylish look for only $56,110:
Chanel silk dress $15000
Headband $1870, cuff on the right hand $3070
Victorian garnet beetle brooch $5900 on garnet chain $10800
Victorian garnet and gold bangle on left hand $8500
Martin & Stein 18ct yellow gold c.1890 bracelet $10200
Salvatore Ferragamo silk pump $770

OR you can achieve this uber stylish look with $44,973:
Burberry Prorsum cashmere officer's coat $5595
Dami Doma belt from Assin $615
Christian Louboutin Daffodile shoes $1295
Chantal Thomass stay-up stockings $68
Cartier Panther ring with peridot and black lacquer $26000
Lakarda ring with garnet and red onyx $11400

I saw these two gorgeous outfits in the AFR(Australian Financial Review) magazine and thought, omg I <3 the outfits. So I went to look at who, where and which shops stocked the goods. On closer inspection at the price tags, I'll just have to continue looking-at-the-page shopping lol

After adding up what it would cost to possess the outfits, it was an O.M.G moment haha @_@ ... IF and I mean a big IF...If I had wanted to buy the whole outfit, I could but would I do that? Not anytime soon ;p

The elitist publications in oz are usually the business newspapers and financial magazines such as Fortune/The Economist/AFR/BRW/SMH/The Sydney Magazine and their ilk. Their pages are splashed with luxury products vying for their readers' attention. I should stick to just reading the content and be wary of looking at anything advertised inbetween their pages ;p

I know that a friend of mine from back in my Uni days occasionally visits this blog and these luxury items would presumably be up her alley. Last time I caught up with her a few months ago was when she was parading her Birkin handbag around. Afterall, Lady Gaga has a Birkin handbag. It was a heavy, soft leathered handbag that can be bought for $13k. Admittedly, it was soft and luxurious and probably an easier decision to buy if you're a housewife(which she is) and not having to earn your own bread and butter like moi.

It's still hard to look away from that Chanel dress and the Burberry coat because they're gorgeous and I just *know* that they would look good on me ^.^ One day...

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