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The 135K Project: The Tunnel Movie

Update- The Tunnel movie is a mockumentary. Visitors to this blog from all over the world are using queries such as, "Is the tunnel movie real?". Rest your fearful soul, it is NOT real and it is a fake documentary, hence the genre label 'mockumentary'. It's just creepy because our underground tunnels ARE creepy! 

Where the Radiohead Band Ventured, The Tunnel Movie 

The Tunnel Movie has been released worldwide for FREE so download it now and watch a horror movie showcasing part of Australia's creepy, underground tunnel history. The producers couldn't resist sneaking in some shots of the Harbour Bridge but finally we have a movie that has left out the Opera House. For once we have a local movie that's not trying to appeal to international audiences on's nothing like the infamous movie(Australia) that bored me to tears within the first half hour.

Creepy Tunnels and Creepy Cityrail Train Stations

It's ironic that this movie came out this year because I've been thinking about how creepy some of our underground stations and passageways are at night. Especially when you're the only one walking in the underground tunnel late at night. Alone with the fluorescent lighting, fading lime green shades of tiles and the noise of  your every footsteps echoing through the tunnel. If you have watched the Korean horror movie re-make, 'The Red Shoes' then you would know what I'm talking about. Sometimes I have to get off at stations that aren't very populated at night and it's really freaky. I took a few photos with the idea that I may blog about them one day when this movie was coincidentally released:

Whimsical and Innovative Ideas on the Internet

Does anyone remember that guy that made millions from selling the pixels of his page? Corporate companies and individuals leaped to own a piece of pixel. It's getting harder and harder to attract online attention for crazy marketing stunts because there are so many wacky stuff out there already such as a kid selling a kidney for an Apple product and innocent girls auctioning off their virginity to pay for college, ebaying sections of their bodies to be tattoed by the winning bidder...

Some ideas are intelligent and some are stupid and involve irreversible decisions that are likely to be regretted shortly after. The Tunnel Movie has a great innovative concept of selling parts of the movie to people.

135,000 Frames That They Hope to Sell

This marketing move is to try and recoup some of their production costs and a random frame buyer will win the opportunity to own 1% of the profit should the movie ever turn a profit.

135,000 Frames > 1 frame is $1 USD > 1 second of the movie is 25 frames > 1 minute is 1500 frames

Well yours truly put her money where her mouth is and bought 25 frames. $25USD didn't cost $25AUD cause our Aussie dollar is so strong right now and is crushing the USD in its fist. Sometimes I feel so sad that our movie industry is so flailingly weak and unsuccessful. The success of our own actors and actresses was never at the forefront of my mind until two people I am associated with (directly and indirectly) struggled to find work and mentioned how difficult it is due to lack of funding in the Australian industry.

Part of the problem is because Hollywood movies can afford the publicity yet Aussie movies barely struggle to raise funds to produce films let alone fund a publicity blitz.

Top Australian Movies (IMO)

I want to give a shout out to some Aussie movies that were rather impressive given their smaller budgets:
  • Beautiful Kate: Sophie Lowe is beautiful and highly intriguing as the beautiful 'Kate' but this movie is really confronting because it revolves around incest, dawning sexuality, country life in outback Australia and jealousy. Well acted, well filmed and it does portray the loneliness experienced by people living in outback societies.
  • The Tunnel Movie: Finally an Aussie horror that is creepy and is bringing part of our history to life in a movie. Underground Sydney contains thousands of tunnels that are unused, unlit, dank and dilapidated. They were built for various purposes in our history, including war but are now obsolete. Perfect for a horror movie setting. 
  • Wolf Creek: This is one of the creepiest, hair raising movie that you can possibly watch. I've watched my fair share of ghosts, horrors, thrillers and I can state that the perpetrator in Wolf Creek was so creative that he could have been telepathically reading Quentin Tarantino's mind. If you think Hostel, Saw or Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was terrifying, Wolf Creek is on par with those movies and the Aussie desert outback was the backdrop.It's supposed to be based on a true story as well so you've gotta watch it if those type of movies are your thing.
  • Gallipoli: A Peter Weir film based on World War 1 starring a young, sexy looking Mel Gibson prior to his anti-semitic tirade that hastened his downfall into a Hollywood nonentity. WW1 is why we celebrate and commemorate Anzac Day as a public holiday every year. They sacrificed their lives so that we can live in freedom (well at least until Stephen Conroy implements his lame internet filter and chokes the internet).
  • Mad Max: Classic Mel Gibson movies that precedes modern apocalyptic type movies such as Armageddon, 2012, Book of Eli, I Am Legend and Resident Evil. Maybe it's a classic because Tina Turner was such a powerhouse vocal on the theme song. The scene where Mad Max was eating from a dog food tin was seared into my mind. Everytime I fed our pets, the insinuous thoughts ran through my mind - 'If an apocalyptic event happened, could I and would I eat cat food like how Mad Max did?!'  Sadly no and I would probably perish T__T
  • Strictly Ballroom: Romance, ballroom dancing and a decent storyline. If you enjoyed Dirty Dancing, Save the Last Dance, Black Swan, Step Up, Flashdance and all those dance movies like I do then you will LOVE Strictly Ballroom because it's a classic.
  • Romper Stomper: Russell Crowe when he was a teenage gave such an amazing performance in Romper Stomper. I have to compare it to Gran Turismo because for some reason, they're both similar in exploring the violence in neighbourhoods in their respective country. If Hollywood thought Crowe's performance in Gladiator was amazing, that performance was nothing compared to his performance in Romper Stomper and A Beautiful Mind. 
  • Muriel's Wedding: The very beginnings of Toni Collette. She's such an awesome actress. Just as under-rated as Jennifer Connelly. I prefer her movies such as Muriel's Wedding and The Sixth Sense than the TV series, United States of Tara. Julia Roberts has nothing on Toni Collette.
Anyway, if you decide to download and watch the movie, consider buying a frame for $1 or buy more frames if you can. Support the Arts industry and support the musicians, if you're not buying CDs, DVDs or going to the cinema then you can always attend live band concerts, buy merchandise, buy theatre tickets, attend musicals, the opera, the ballet or something. 

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