Sunday, May 8, 2011

Increasing utility bills changes behaviour

Unused appliances are switched off
Turn off chest freezer and equipment not being used
Install solar powered hot water system
Ensure house is well insulated against heat and cold
Have rainwater drain off the roof to tubs so it can be used to water the plants

These are all actions that my parents have taken.

After having the chest freezer and fridge operating simultaneously for over a decade now, my parents finally turned the chest freezer off, citing high energy prices and the horrendous electricity bills. It's always such a waste to see higher bills when something could have been done about it.

Because they operate a commercial business, there's a lot of electronic equipment and power being used. They are always looking for greener ways to minimise power and water usage. They've already implemented a solar hot water system and were keen on installing solar panels until the Government recently reduced the rebate on offer.

How can this Government in power try to pass themselves off as pro-green and try to implement the CT (Carbon Tax) on one hand but on the other hand, they reduce the rebates and incentives that lure householders and businesses to pursue greener practices?

The price of fuel has increased dramatically and this is a worldwide issue and problem. I suspect that more and more people are eyeing the public transport routes and facilities in their area so that they can plan the alternative for when fuel becomes relatively unaffordable or starts to bite into the budget.

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