Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crazy binge shopping

After being stuck in a shopping rut, I finally made up for it this month!! I must have single handedly propped up our economy with my binge shopping >.> 

* Waterproof ski pants; Bought the Burton 2011 Season herringbone for $224. They were originally $280 but the shop had a 20% sale promotion. If I had bought them direct from the United States, they would only cost $150. But I spent about one hour trying on the different pants and $74 for one hour of mucking up their rack and not having to wait for shipment is a fair price to pay.

* Books; Ryde Library just opened and now I have tons of books and magazines to choose from. Black Glass, by Meg Mundell was on my to-buy list at $32.95. I found the book at the library so it's off my to-buy list.

* Pots for gardening; I built a glasshouse on the weekend using a scrap clothes line that I scavenged and scrap plastic so that I could do some cuttings and propagations instead of spending so much on buying plants. As you can see, my hibiscus cutting is flourishing and I can't wait until the purple blooms appear.

I spent WAY too much on plants and pots the other weekend and that's why I needed to build the glasshouse so that I could propagate my own plants. I've yet to try propagating the three toned hibiscus that I saw in Wollongong a few weeks ago:

* Bike gear; Since my huge stack on the bike, I needed a new helmet so I bought an Avanti helmet, padding for my bike seat and lights so that I could go riding at night for some exercise.

There's not much else that I need or want to buy at the moment which is a good thing since I plan to make a lump sum payment on my student debt next week. The Government dropped the lump sum payment discount from 10% to 5% (which sucks) so I plan to make a larger lump sum payment than what I previously planned for to take advantage of the higher discount before it gets cut to 5%.

Next year - my five figure HECS/HELP student loan will FINALLY be paid off :)

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