Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wedding, weeding, gardening and zucchini plants

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to maintain a blog

What a crazy busy weekend. I didn't have time to blog. I was aiming for roughly three posts or articles each week but it does take a lot of effort to post regularly like that. That's probably why the bloggers with huge number of followers eventually quit their jobs to maintain their site (eg: Corporette - my favourite female blogger who blogs about fashion, lifestyle and working in New York's legal profession).

The weekend was flat out with swimming, an all day wedding to attend, gardening and the usual bunch of household chores that occupies the weekend.

Since I haven't had time to write about personal finance, I thought I'd post up some photos from the hectic weekend. I only had my Canon point and shoot camera with me so the images are rather blurry and not as sharp as they should be.

The wedding

A friend of mine got married on Saturday. It was warm but a beautiful day to get married. They were married at St Phillip's Anglican Church in Sydney - this is Australia's oldest parish and was originally built at the location in 1793. The current structure replaced the older structure in 1856. This is a snapshot of the church's interior:

Afterwards, the wedding reception was held at the QVB The Tea Room in Sydney:

The weeding and gardening

My parent's garden needed some weeding done big time so I helped with their garden. This is what hard, sweaty and back breaking work looks like, the before and after shots are below:

Even a spotty black and white butterfly couldn't resist the lure of the flowering mint plants:

The zucchini plants that my parents planted are flourishing:

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Our Autumn season has just started so no doubt there won't be anymore gorgeous blooms and summer fruit and vegetables any longer. Although rhubarb season will be coming around and there's nothing better than rhubarb and apple crumble. Or a rhubarb butter cake :)

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