Friday, March 25, 2011

Flying Fish: The restaurant, review and pictures

North Sydney just before reaching the Harbour Bridge, sunset was unbelievably fiery and gorgeous.
Restaurants boasting of harbourside or river views are such a waste at night. During the day, the views are stunning but at night, this is what we see at the wharf just outside Flying Fish. You can just barely see the Harbour Bridge in the distance:

View from Flying Fish wharf at night- not really a view...
Parking is a nightmare. We eventually decided on the valet parking at the location ($25) but if you want to keep running out to renew the 2hr parking ticket because the dining experience could span five hours, feel free to park on the street at $5 or so every two hours. Our friend had to rush out every two hours three times before we were finished for the night.

You can order individual dishes or you can choose the Tasting($110pp) or Degustation($150pp) menu. We settled on the degustation menu and this is what you get for the degustation menu:
Seared yellow fin tuna with ruby red grapefruit, sweet pork crackling and black pepper caramel - my favourite dish!!

Confit of Petuna ocean trout with pea and black sesame mousse, puffed quinoa and tangerine oil - my second favourite!
Crisp soft shell crab with black pepper curry leaf sauce, crispy shallots and coconut salad: a bit bland but then I have a weakness for soft shell crab with green mango salad aka the Thai way
Left: Pan roasted hapuka (fish) with hazelnut, white balsamic potato, Pantelleria capers & beurre noisette- the fish was incredibly tender and the potatoes looked like they had been tortured with a melon scoop since they were perfectly spherical. There was a single grape that had been peeled and cooked and it was exquisite, makes me want to denude all my grapes now lol

Right: The palate cleanser: Too sour for two of our friends but just perfect for me. The lime sorbet was so tangy and the pomegranates & jelly balanced out the sourness.

Wagyu Mb7+sirloin & braised short rib with smoked leek, king brown mushroom, beetroot and horseradish: The two sauces, smoked leek and wagyu was incredibly delicious. I could have give the chewy mushroom a miss and I gave the braised shredded beef away because it was just too rich in taste.

Banana tart with salted peanut semi freddo, popcorn and banana curd: The tart is good but I would have preferred a huge piece of semi fredo and lashings of the crumbled popcorn. Or a big bowl of banana curd -YUM!

"Taste and Textures of Apples": Apples in several different ways, apple puree, apply jelly, apple mousse, apple sorbet, apple in rose water and some type of cake with cream cheese. The apple bits were so GOOD!! I couldn't eat the apple in rose water, it's too controversial for my taste buds and the sliver of cake with cream cheese was the odd one out. The sorbet is yummy!!

The coffee was beautifully frothy and creamy. The rock sugar was in little packets- I liked that because it gives the impression of being hygienic
Petit fours: wasted because I was sooo full already ;_; full that I ended up with a stomach ache from over indulging!
Hand cut chips with delectably flavouring: A bit soft and I would have like them a bit crispier but it reminded us of the mamee noodle snack sachet that you sprinkle on the noodles - fingerlickin' good!
The interior. So pretty. The lights were dangling like little stars in the sky. They look like quartz rock with inserted lights, dangling from the ceiling.

I'd go back again to Flying Fish but next time, I know what I want to order larger serving sizes of. It was a great night and now, back to the kitchen again for some more food preparation for our dinner party tonight :)

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