Friday, November 26, 2010

Wish lists and gift giving

I haven't got many items on my wish list which is a good thing. Problem is, what I do have on my wish list is rather exxy and that's a bad thing! I've spent quite a few thousands on gifts this year for friends, family and on myself!! Birthdays, functions, events and weddings really do add up over the year but not much I can do about that.

Larger items I'm planning to buy:
* Flash for the DSLR $380
* 50mm prime lens $330
* 17mm-55mm $1200
* Canon point and shoot camera $300-$1000 (Update 04/04/11: Got one!)
* Nespresso coffee machine $300-$600
* Pot for cooking Hot Pots and Steamboats $100 (Update 04/04/11: Got one!)

I've wrecked my point and shoot camera from the countless snow trips and from failed jumps at the parks where I landed belly first -really uncool haha... fortunately we did land some awesome jumps so it wasn't a total fail!! That photo image at the top is not me of course - coz I ain't go guy and I can't get that much air on my jumps yet :P

On my wish list are two dresses below. I have a bad habit of buying things I like in two to three colours. A bit like how Bernie Madoff used to buy his polo shirts before they chucked him into prison.


  1. where do u get this dress? its so pretty!!!

  2. Unfortunately their site has shut down since then or has some type of server issues so can't be accessed.

    A friend of mine shops online at and it looks very promising with plenty of photos from all angles for each design.

  3. OOOO I love the grape dress do you know anyway where or site that might be selling that dress please