Friday, November 19, 2010

Photography and travel

I love to travel but unlike most people, I don't crave it. I love visiting other cities, experiencing their cultures, their amazing architecture (I have a weakness for beautiful architecture, patterns and history). The food is tantalising and the natural landscape is very different to Australia's.

Despite having travelled to a few countries, I still think that Sydney is amongst one of the best city to live in. We have so many restaurants and so much natural beauty. Our beaches are beautiful, clean and plentiful. I think I'd go mad if I had to live in the middle of the dessert (which we do have) and getting to the beach would involve having to fly by plane.

This weekend is a bit of a washout. Cloudy and looking like it's going to rain. I didn't get a chance to post up the photos from last weekend since my laptop gave me such grief.

Sculptures by the Sea, Tamarama Beach and Bondi Beach

The weather was hot so when we decided to see the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition, we encountered hundreds of tourists with the same idea!

Started off at Tamarama Beach for the walk:

Plenty of sunbathers and tanning going on at the beach. The surf picked up later in the afternoon with the slight wind.

Top left: Horse sculpture carved from wood
Top right: Sunbathing woman pondering, from stone pieces
Bottom left: Seaweed carpet constructed from bottletops (see my photos below to understand the effort it took to create the artwork.
Bottom right: Dining table and chairs by the sea, integrated with nature (aka overgrown with weeds)

Hundreds of thousands of bottlecaps were tied together with cable ties to achieve that sculpture!

Above on the right: There are two images superimposed, see if you can figure it out.

Above: Bondi Beach, saturated and heaving with sunbathers, tourists and locals seeking the sunlight and the crowd.

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