Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Living Large When You're Less Than Flushed

Andre Rison in the promotion of the documentary 'Broke.' Credit: Broke
I thought I’d approach lifestyle from a different angle and perspective. Instead of the slow and steady ways of saving up to buy, there are other reasons as to why and when using credit can be an attractive option. Did I just say using credit can be an attractive option? YEP!!

The financial responsibilities that new homeowners face can feel overwhelming. Due to the higher cost of living, many people simply cannot afford all aspects of the "good life." Particularly when it concerns furnishing their house.

An effective way to create a luxurious life for yourself without having to spend a great deal of money upfront is through furniture rental.

If you have plenty of expenses such as school fees, children, living, social, clothes or starting a new business, you can create leverage for yourself through the judicious use of rental credit options. Credit options allow immediate gratification until you are able to save up the money to make cash purchases.

When Renting Furniture Makes Sense

If you have attended open houses before, you may notice that some houses are lavishly and stylishly decorated. The owners don’t necessarily have exquisite taste nor style, they simply rent their furniture to decorate their houses so that it looks beautiful to prospective home buyers.

If you’re starting up a business or decorating a home office, you may not wish to spend lump sums of cash on furniture and equipment upfront and may wish to rent furniture and equipment so that it helps with your cash flow.

If you’re keen on changing the style of your home frequently, then renting furniture can be a good option because you can indulge in the latest seasonal trend. You may not know how you wish to style your house permanently so renting furniture can be an option until you decide on which pieces of furniture you wish to acquire for the long run.

Renting furniture oddly enough, makes a lot more sense than renting luxury cars and luxury handbags because you get to use it daily. Used as part of a strategy to sell your home, you can attract more buyers to bid for the property you are trying to sell. Used as a strategy to look stylish and professional to clients when you're operating a home office or starting up a business, it can look a lot more professional and help with your monthly cash flow.

Used as a strategy to counter your fickle styling taste and desire to be on trend with home decor, you don't get stuck with permanent pieces of furniture that you'll have to dump afterwards or try to desperately sell so that you can upgrade to the latest fashion.

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