Thursday, October 4, 2012

Who Has A Weekly Spending Challenge?

How much do you spend weekly? Have you ever recorded exactly how much you spent each week? Daily? On simply food or on everything?
Fiona Lippey, co-author of The $21 Challenge and creator of the popular money management site for households, Simple Savings started trying to save over a decade ago.

She realised how much she spent on food and has been cutting back accordingly. I couldn't survive on $21 a week unless I dumpster dived or ate a cabbage diet. Even if I did either of those options, it wouldn't last long because neither options are inherently attractive.

Good ideas that you can extract from her ideas are to make a list of everything you have in your pantry and your fridge categorising which food items can be used now, later or must be thrown out. After you've done that, you can start planning your meals on what you already have.

Our pantry is full of food and ingredients. Occasionally I open up our pantry and pull up a few items and leave them out, intending to cook them in the forthcoming weekly meals. Planning meals aggressively have never been part of my lifestyle but maybe I should try the technique so that I don't end up throwing out food and ingredients that expire uneated and unused.

Maybe we should all take a look at our pantry and fridge today and see what meals are lurking in there without having to stock up...

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