Thursday, June 28, 2012

Are You Good At Maths?

I'm such an inconsistent blogger. Lately I've only been home probably two nights each week which is insane. Due to the lack of time from trying to do everything every day, it's going to be a quickie today. (No sexual puns nor innuendo intended lol)

Anyhoo, trawling through my emails, I found an old puzzle that was quite fun to work out. I'll give you the answers next time I write.

Puzzle Scenario

There is a bus with 7 girls inside,
Each girl has 7 bags,
Inside each bag, there are 7 Big cats,
Each Big cat has 7 small cats,
All cats have 4 Legs each!

Question: How many Legs are there inside the bus?
Good luck guys! ;) Solved it in 1 minute flat so if you're faster than that, I bow to you =)

Some others on the email thread mulled over it for hours so if it takes longer than a minute, you're not alone.

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