Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Other Balcony Gardens

Found some balcony gardening images that I'd saved from the net last year and I can't recall where they came from (sorry!) so if you see your image, please let me know and I will remove/delete/acknowledge/credit the source.

I can't stop myself from trawling the net for container and balcony gardens. It will be awesome to move into a house so that I can grow whatever I want without always having to lug 300 litres of soil home from the shop all the time. Either that or grow me some muscles >.<

Such luscious greenery on people's balconies ~ so pretty!

[Image source: Splinteredart.blogspot]
[Image source: Lifeonthebalcony]

[Image source: Sorry dunno]

[Herb container garden. Image source: Lifeonthebalcony]

[Loving the contemporary look of this balcony garden]

[Loving the rambling, riotous splashes of colour in this potted courtyard garden]

[This balcony garden has a Meditteranean look to it. Must be the peach/tangerine coloured wall]

[If trees could look fierce... ]


  1. absolutely lovely and inspiring. thank you!

  2. Thanks Jan. Hope it inspired you too!