Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas: Filing cabinet, renovations and plants

In two more hours it will be Christmas Day. I was at the shops earlier this morning and it was insane. So many people buying so much food. That's awesome because I know retailers have been struggling for a while now and that a huge section of our domestic economy in terms of employment labour.

May everyone have a happy and safe Christmas. Don't drink and drive is all I've got to say about the 'BIG' day. Eat, drink and be merry. Personally, I'm certainly looking forward to a day of relaxation after all the hard work that I've been contributing across various facets of my life these recent six months. It's been emotionally and physically exhausting.

This past week alone, there have been two days where I've had only three hours sleep each night. Last night was five hours. I've got a major sleep deficit to catch up on. Does anyone else burn the candle on both ends like that? Late night and early mornings. Despite today being Christmas Eve, I was at my folk's IP(investment property) all day doing a lot of scrubbing, cleaning, vacuuming and carrying out a lot of broken plasterboard that the builder left in haphazard piles.

Here are a few photos across the last few months because I've been such a poor blogger - something for you to look at if you're spending Christmas catching up on your reading =)

I bought a proper dedicated filing cabinet to file my personal paperwork and it is the BEST thing that I've done for myself:

Starting my compost bins and converting foodscraps from landfill into nutrient rich compost. This diverted approximately 5 to 7 of these tubs worth from landfill every week:

Balcony garden- a large time sink for me but I really love plants =). I've identified the some of the plants that I'm currently growing for you:

Got the gardening and plant fever from my folks and what they do on their farm:

Unfortunately my laptop is giving me the **** right now because it keeps overheating and shutting down so I bid you adieu and a merry, merry Christmas =)

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