Monday, November 21, 2011

Hiding assets from defactos and butter cakes

This is what happens when I haven't blogged for a while - there's an influx of traffic from people googling passionfruit butter cake recipes, how to hide money from their spouse, a-hole ponzi dudes (roger munro/james lovell/bernie madoff), how to repot aloe vera plants, problems associated with having too many savings accounts, having to work multiple jobs 7 days a week and how can they handle their busy work life, Coca Cola breakeven points, sugar cane plants, what can they do with $60k deposits, grape dresses, best money management books, making lump sum payments on student loans and the topic of the month with a huge surge in traffic: how to hide assets when marriages and defacto relationship fails.

Usually traffic tapers off somewhat if I haven't written anything however lately, it's steady and even increases despite my lack of new blog posts. It's great that the almighty google search engine comes up with this blog in plenty of its first page search results.

Anyhoo - I'm back and I haven't got fantastic news to report. Life is super frenetic and I haven't had time to sit and mope or even daydream. Just can't wait until this year and next year is over. Whoa right?! All the huge events and decisions have happened this year and next year will be the next final wave of mega life changing decisions not to mention trips of a lifetime.

Money wise? It will be financially draining ;_; I'm going to have to become a semi tightwad/tight ass to some extent because of the huge lumpy spending to come. The H word, the M word, the H word and the two holidays yet to be planned. That's excluding a snow trip of course. If a ski trip is squeezed in then that'll be three huge holidays on the list of things to come. My portion of expenses are probably around $550k max? I hope that's the max or else I'll be blogging about eating cheap $2 chinese cabbages 7 nights a week and vegemite on toasts for lunches or even dumpster diving - the horror! ;) Only kidding - if I fell into a dumpster I'm too small to climb out unassisted and would perish in a rubbish truck when the dump gets collected.

Anyway - seasonal vegies and fruits are cheap, plentiful and nutricious. Dinners and lunches can be easily under $2-$3 per day. Especially since I've reduced my meat intake and steer away from huge lumps of steaks and huge fillets of fish. Afterall - wouldn't I be a huge hypocrite if I donate to animal welfare charities yet scoffed down meat like the world is ending tomorrow?! Seeing a huge rib eye steak on my plate is like visualising a dead cow on my plate lately anyway. Bok choys(a chinese vegie sold in oz) are 3 bunches for $2 and that's 6 servings. So a stir fry vegetarian dinner with rice is 50cents and if I'm feeling particularly hungry, then $1. Not that I eat like that everyday - see above - I have been meeting up with friends for dinners a lot recently.

Socialising is such a money pit - I've been spending several weeknights and weekends going out, socialising and hanging out with friends and it's really a case of spend, spend and spend because that's what happens when we hang out. Sunday night was my last wedding to attend for this year- another cash gift because that's what friends getting married desire these days - no one wants 20 useless toasters nor having to open up a gift registry. They prefer to spend the money gift on their honeymoon, use it to pay the restaurant for the reception venue or use it to build their marital house deposit.

The behaviour of a few groups of friends have changed somewhat because they've taken on huge monster sized mortgages and are only keen to entertain at home. Well - that's the summation of what's been happening on SMG's end down under and hopefully I can squeeze in plenty more blog posts before Christmas comes along =)

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