Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rainy Days And Mondays

Sunday passed much too quickly with blurry wetness and now it's Monday again.

Rainy days can be rather depressing. Sometimes I can smell the fresh damp air and it feels uplifting but sometimes it can be depressing. When it rains on Sundays or Mondays, I can't help but think of poor Karen Carpenter who died when she was still so young- she was the first known celebrity to die from anorexia nervosa. On that melancholic bent, I found myself thinking about Left Eye(Lisa Lopes from TLC), Aaliyah(plane crash), Selena(her mentally unstable fan club manager shot her) - the three other singers who also died so young.

On a brighter note, since it rained all Sunday, you may have noticed that I inundated you with with three posts yesterday! And another one today! Didn't do much yesterday. Didn't go out. Didn't do anything productive. Just cleaned the wet balcony again and pottered around out there with the DSLR and did a load of reading. Can't tell you how fantastic it feels to be home and do absolutely nothing much all day. I didn't even eat breakfast nor dinner - just lunch.

Here are some happy shots from the dslr and the results of a rainy Sunday:

Last of my blooming daffodils starting to wilt and droop *sob sob*

My gorgeous pink daisies blooming profusely

Dahlia shoots

Pumpkin seedlings that I rescued from our compost is on steroids (figuratively speaking before y'all start thinking I'm some druggo lordess lol)

Sunflowers are peeking their shy heads

Raspberry plants are starting to flower (already?!)

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