Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Social media is killing me softly

The Buggles once sang 'Video killed the radio star" in 1979 and I can now write that DVDs killed the video and the DVD was killed by downloaders and YouTube.

I'm slowly dying via social media. There's just so much around. Replying to family and friends now involve me texting/sms, phone calls, emails and facebook. Then there is this poor little ol' blog that's not getting much love from me because I'm so busy trying to live life and reply to all these other forms of communications which is just insane. Who's slowly dying trying to keep up with this inundation of Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, smartphones and multiple email accounts? Technology is flying along which is awesome but then on the other hand, we are always switched on 24/7. Are you wondering why you've subscribed to a blogger who doesn't really blog? Me too.

I can't wait until a great aggregator comes along. Google Wave was supposed to knock us out with its amazingness, but sadly that didn't happen. My friend sent me an invite to the beta Google Wave and it didn't succeed because it was just four of us on Google Wave and then Google decided to pull the plug anyway.

My new resolutions in regards to social media: Reply to all personal text/sms/missed calls more promptly, reply to emails more promptly, keep more up to date with Facebook messages, post more frequently to this blog, keep on top of my computer documents/files and photos, file stuff I wish to keep and delete/dump stuff that isn't relevant, maintain my RSS feeds and delete blogs and websites that I no longer enjoy.

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