Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beautiful Winter Weekends

Spring is tender green buds and pretty flowers blooming, Summer is fish and chips by the beach, Autumn is blazing red and oranges while Winter is suppose to be dull and dreary.

For the first time in a long time, I fell in love with Winter again for reasons other than snow sports. We enjoyed a Sri Lankan lunch at Roselea Community Centre, where a friend of mine was involved with organising a Sri Lankan fundraiser.

It's the first time I've tried Sri Lankan cuisine. It's similar to Indian cuisine (Dosai anyone?) but not as oily. Chilli was litterally used and that had me huffing and puffing but other than that, it was delicious-particulary the potatoes and the spice combination used. Fish hopper, pronounced as 'Op-pah' in Sri Lankan. It was delicious. The flour net had the consistency of a French crepe. It was a batter mixed with rice flour, coconut milk, water and a bit of salt? Cooked on a tiny gas stove pot:

Went for a much needed walk around the neighbourhood afterwards to aid in digesting all the rich and spicy food that we had consumed. It was amazing to see that all the succulent plants were blooming madly. Other winter plants that I adore are the Camellia trees, African daisies, Dandelions and well, pretty much anything except for huge electricity power plant poles ^.^

Ducked into a house that was having a for-sale-open-house and saw the oddest looking tree with what looked like a white fluffy beard dangling down. Also saw a fat, fluffy cat idly lazing on a table. It was adorable, cute and friendly. Contentedly meowing as I petted it :)

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