Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Charity has hit a minor road block - of the piggy bank kind

This little piggy is fussy about the coins that she will accept!

A piggy bank is just a piggy bank, right?! Not if you're a little piggy bank that's made in China...

When I wandered down to the local discount store, commonly referred to as the $2 shop, although this is a misleading misnomer because almost everything in the store costs more than $2 these days... I found this cute female piggy bank and bought one to hold money deposited for my charity fundraising. I didn't even realise piggy banks could be separated into genders of female and male until I realised that female piggy banks have eyelashes, and the male ones don't.

Each drink that I sell to raise money for charity is sold at $1/can, so it wasn't a problem if someone deposited a $1 coin or any other coin for that matter EXCEPT for the 50 cent coin. Maybe the coins in China aren't any larger than our 20 cent coin and this little, yellow piggy would have been fine if it was used to hold Chinese currencies. However in Australia, it wasn't serving its function properly lol

As you can see, the 50 cent coin is stuck. It won't go down!!!

I heart Japanese food, snacks, culture and their manga + anime

While being another random blog post, I thought I'd mention that there's an awesome Japanese grocery store in Artarmon(Eastern side of the station, the side with the least high rise apartments) that I found that beats the Maruyu Japanese grocery store (283-285 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000) hands down. There aren't that many Japanese grocery stores in Sydney so finding a new one is rewarding.
The Artarmon one is awesome. Not only does it stock a very wide range of Japanese ingredients but it felt like I was back in Japan at one of their Seiko Marts or Lawson style grocery stores. It was quaint and full of imported stuff from Japan (bad for our economy but good for the taste buds). I bought a pile of random delicious goodness:

Lucky Mart Japanese Grocery Store, Artarmon

Anegawa Japanese Grocery Store, Artarmon

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