Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update on progress bars and interest income

Happy New Year to everyone! Although I haven't been very actively blogging due to millions of things in reality demanding my attention. I've got to stop joining up as a committee member too frequently or else I just get bogged down with meetings, minutes and action plans that are very time consuming and doesn't leave me much time.

It's only a few weeks away from Chinese New Year. I always look forward to it because mum always puts up a feast and I try to help her but I tend to start taste testing and munching too much *nom nom nom* to be of much help ;) This is a photo of the feast that she has cooked up last year:

Progress bars have been updated as of 12th January 2011

I've updated my progress bars. You can view the updated progress bars on my blog's right hand side column. Everything has been going along swimmingly. The savings for the IP is progressing slowly due to my bills inundating me over these past two months. My friend wants to go on our Europe trip mid-year so I may have to switch the saving goals and place the holiday as a priority ahead of the IP. I'm not sure I want to spend $12k on a trip anyway. Been there, done that, and it's been a lot of fun but then there are so many other competing things on the list to buy (see my wish list) and also to invest in. Holidays are a lot of fun, but because our holidays are so action packed, they are always so tiring!

Graph of my interest income for graph fanatics

For those of you who love graphs, here's a snapshot graph of my interest income. I like it when good things grow.... well, the interest income isn't significant yet but it's always exciting to see it increase because it means my money is working for me rather that I'm working for it. It's a source of passive income which is what I like.

It has been a very hectic month so far for 2011. In terms of returning from the Christmas and New Years holiday period and going back to work. A bunch of meetings already. I've also had to attend both, a wedding and very sadly a funeral, even though it has been barely two weeks into the New Year. Already experiencing such highs and lows.

Life can be really brief. Live life to the fullest and live each and every day as if they are special. Don't wait for tomorrow or wait for some day in the future because we never know our future and how long that we are on this earth for.

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