Monday, May 31, 2010

Positive employees versus negative employees

It's not easy being an employee. But then it's not easy being the employer either.

We've all worked with various people over the years. After a few years of working, you start to notice that there is a stark difference between positive and negative co-workers. Which category do you fall in?

The positive co-workers:
Can-do attitude, take pride in their work, give their best effort, highly engaged with a can-do attitude, apply effort in achieving their personal and organisational goals, pro-active with their work, adaptable to new ideas and experiences, achievemen orientated, passion for their work, emotionally mature during frustrating and problemmatical situations with clients and co-workers, positive disposition and willing to go the extra mile to help customers or co-workers, exhibit confidence in their ability to succeed

The negative co-workers:
being consistently late(work, meetings, functions), making a lot of personal calls during work hours, lacks motivation/aspirations, does not take responsibility for their work, inability to meet deadlines, watches the clock and counting down to the weekend every week, always making negative and unhappy comments about customers or other co-workers, constantly taking breaks (coffee, smoke, toilet), consistently taking long lunches, tries to avoid work, resist changes, lazy, requires someone to manage them regularly or else they lack initiative to complete their work

So which type of co-worker would you prefer to work with? In answering that question, if you notice that you possess a few of the negative traits, perhaps you should consider changing so that you're not the one that co-workers dislike working with.

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